Titus 2 South

The Bible tells us in Titus 2 that the older women should help the younger women. This help should teach them how to love their husbands, their children; how to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, etc. This program is designed to provide that kind of help in an environment that is free of the daily stresses and distractions. Our residential program helps women manage a life of purpose, and guide them through some of the disciplines needed to fuel such a life.

The program is conducted at the Chateau de Repos et Beneduction in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a three day program for leaders of women’s ministries who may want to conduct the program as a Bible Study; newly married women, brides-to-be, homemakers and women, young or old, that want to enhance what they already know.

Newly Revised Program

$700 two persons to a bed

$800 one person per bed

The costs covers lodging for three nights, meals, program material, and airport pickup/drop off.

Customized Programs

Customized programs can be offered for your church. If your church is interested in sending a minimum of 4 people, but no more than 6 people, you may contact us and we will schedule the program at a time convenient for your group.