Ministry To Women

In Titus 2:3-5, the Lord the older women to help the younger women in various areas of their lives. Through this residential program we teach Biblical principles and their application in the home.

Titus 2 Residential Program for Women

God gives vision and then makes them brings it to fruition! In 2002 when Reverend Belynda returned from her first journey to Ukraine, God showed her a program for women that she would be conducting at her home. This didn’t make much sense to her at the time because her home was so small. Little did she know then that the Lord had plans to provide the home where the program was to be held. God gave additional clarity to the vision in 2004, when Reverend Belynda met Devi Titus who had pioneered the program for several years. Titus encouraged Reverend Belynda to come to her program and then run with the vision. Reverend Belynda did just that. In July 2006, the Lord blessed the Gentry’s with the ministry house in Atlanta, GA. The ministry house is named the Chateau de Repos et Beneduction, a French name which means House of Blessings and Rest.

The vision was now a reality! The launch of the Titus 2 Residential Program for Women was held in August 2007. Since that time programs have been held every year and every woman that has attended has experienced a metamorphosis–they have been changed forever.

The program is for any woman that wants to enhance their home experience and walk with the Lord. The target audience s are leaders of women’s ministries who may want to conduct the program as a Bible Study; newly married women, brides-to-be, and homemakers. The textbook for this program is The Home Experience by Devi Titus and Marilyn Weiher. Additional materials are also provided to the participants.

The Bible tells us in Titus 2:3-5, that the older women should help the younger women. This help should teach them how to love their husbands, their children; how to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, etc. This program is designed to provide that kind of help in an environment that is free of the daily stresses and distractions. Our residential program helps women manage a life of purpose, and guide them through some of the disciplines needed to fuel such a life.

Older women teach the younger women good things:

  • Teach them to love and obey their husbands
  • Teach them to love their children
  • Teach them to be discreet and chaste
  • Teach them to be homemakers

Since having the alumni program in 2012, we now have a venue to have two locations for the subject program. As such, we are calling them:

Titus 2 of the South – held at the Chateau in Atlanta, GA
Titus 2 of the North – held at the Arden Estates in Farmington, PA